Student Information

National Organizations

  • Mensa, high IQ society with membership for students


  • Hoagies Kids - awesome site for a variety of pleasures for gifted children.  Links to art, Shakespeare, grammar, history, natural science, math, mechanics, and more!  Reading Lists for all ages, contests and awards, movies, and a special section for Kids and Teens:  Kids Speak Out.

  • Kids Philosophy Slam - this year's Philosophy Slam asks kids to write about their personal experiences regarding the question "Which is More Powerful, Love or Hate?" The contest is open to students in grades 1-12.  Older students must respond to the question in a written essay in 500 words or less. Students in grades 1-4 may paint or draw a picture to express their feelings or ideas.


  • Imagine - exciting periodical for academically talented middle and high school students who want to take control of their learning and get the most out of their precollege years

  • Creative Kids -the national voice for kids ages 8-14!