The School District of Monroe offers scholarships for summer enrichment opportunities to students recognized as gifted. Giftedness is determined by students scoring at or above the 98th percentile on two nationally normed assessments or have been recommended by a teacher.

The funding is available due to contributions from Colony Brands and other donors. Notification letters are sent to parents, applications are reviewed, and selections are made each spring.  Last school year 14 Monroe students received scholarships totaling $3,830.

The School District of Monroe along with the Department of Education recognizes the following areas of giftedness:

  1. Intellectual: Student is insatiably curious, has an advanced vocabulary, forms ideas with great ease, attempts to deal with complex topics, senses deeper meaning, and has a developed sense of humor.
  2. Academic: Student shows great strength in one or more academic areas, memorizes and recalls easily, strives to know and understand, and has a strong attention span.
  3. Leadership: Student can organize, mobilize, and motivate others. Can communicate clearly, and is usually independent, resourceful, and self-sufficient.
  4. Artistic: Student expresses oneself via some form of medium with skill. Is sensitive to aesthetic values, responds to light, movement, color or sound with sensitivity and appreciation. Identifies oneself as an artist.
  5. Creative: Student strives to be different, is imaginative, can connect unrelated thoughts easily, and perseveres in their own thoughts. Becomes easily bored with routine.