Integrated Early Childhood Program

Calling All 3 Year-Olds: Introducing the Integrated Early Childhood Program! 

Historically, the School District of Monroe has provided a separate early childhood program for 3 year-old students with disabilities. The purpose of this program was to provide early intervention for these students with hopes of improved performance as they move forward in their academic careers. While this program has provided many positive outcomes for a number of children, the District believes there is a better way to serve our youngest students.

After reviewing early childhood research and examining programs in other school districts, the School District of Monroe has developed the Integrated Early Childhood Program. This program will combine 3 year-old students with disabilities with their same-age, typically developing peers. 

Research has demonstrated that integrating young children with and without disabilities has positive benefits for both groups of students.  Similar to most preschool programs, the Integrated Early Childhood Program will provide services to students two days per week, three hours per day. Each class will be capped at 12 students. The program will be served by an experienced early childhood teacher and a variety of early childhood support specialists. It is important to note that this program should not replace your existing preschool program, but instead, could serve as an excellent supplement to your child’s education.

If you are interested in completing an application for your child to participate in this program, please open the file below or contact Sherry Heldt at (608) 328-7184.