Grant Recipients

EIE Recipients
Monroe Excellence In Education Presents 2016 Grant Awards

The Monroe Excellence In Education Foundation is an independent community organization that provides private resources to enhance educational programs, offer extended educational opportunities, encourage innovation, and recognize the achievements of students and staff in the School District of Monroe.  It is a component of the Monroe Fund, organized under the Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin.

This year's 2016 EIE Grant Recipients are:

MHS winners:

Emily Bartels - Breakout Boxes - $354
Katherine Lehto - Experimentally Building a Qualitative understanding of Newton's Second Law - $507
Carol Ochsner - Advanced Chemistry Centrifuges - $399.50
Kim Schaaf - FAB lab - $3,000
Susan Lawson - Classroom Library - $1,000
Jennifer Henderson - Yabla Website - $1,974.98
Dan Saunders - ClawBot Kits - $600

MMS winners:
Ingerid Kvam - Instruments for Guitar/Piano Summer School & General Music Class - $500

Parkside winners:
Brad Saugstad - Collaborative Classroom Makeover - $400
Megan Cessna - Accessible Summer Leveled Reading - $1,000

Northside winners:
Nichole Jordan - Books On the Bus - $1,500
Amy Timmerman - Building Our Classroom Libraries - $910

If you would like to hear more about the grants presented, please contact Cindy Rupnow at 608-328-7109 or  To learn more about EIE and how you can help to impact your community, please contact Linda Gebhardt, Donor Service Representative at 608-328-4060 or .