Community Service Fund - Fund 80

COMMUNITY SERVICE FUND - Fund 80 - 2016-17 Fiscal Year

The School District of Monroe does utilize Fund 80 Community Service Fund.  The purpose of Fund 80 is to account for activities which are not elementary and secondary educational programs, but have the primary function of serving the community.  The School District of Monroe maintains a Fund 80 for the sole purpose of maintaining and operating the Monroe Public Library.  Monroe is unique in having the Public Library under the taxing authority of the School District rather than a county or municipal government.  For more information about Fund 80 and how other school districts utilize it, you may go to the DPI website on community service funds at


The following information was approved at the School District of Monroe Annual meeting on October 17, 2016:

Fund 80 Expenditures  $1,116,980 Maintain and Operate Monroe Public Library
Fund 80 Revenues    
Tax Levy  $   981,000  
User Fees
 $     12,000  
Gifts    $     10,000  
State Aid and Other Revenue
 $   106,500  
Total Revenues   $1,109,500