District Information

Welcome to the School District of Monroe!                               

I am very excited and honored to be serving as Superintendent. I believe in and am committed to this District and promise you I will do the very best job I can to support all students, staff, families and community. Communication within our District is crucial; keeping lines of communication open with all staff, parents, students and community will be a priority of mine.

The School District of Monroe's primary focus for the coming year is student achievement! With the new Wisconsin Accountability System, we are expected to meet much higher standards, as well as, more rigorous student and school proficiencies that will be more transparent to the public. These proficiency levels are based on college and career readiness expectations and align well with our new District Improvement Plan that was rolled out last spring. We will continue to focus on the District Improvement Plan throughout the year. It is going to take continued emphasis, concentrated effort, and a commitment from all stakeholders in order to meet the desired expectations.

There is excitement about the year ahead as we continue to move our District forward. Our new District Improvement Plan has us positioned for even greater success and helps us provide focus in our classrooms, schools and District as we strive for continuous improvement. We have had a great start to the school year and are looking forward to another great year of successes for our students in and out of the classroom.

Our future is bright! Working from a strong foundation of excellence and focused on a culture of high expectations, we pledge to emphasize individual growth and challenge for all students. We strive to provide our students with the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to be competitive in a global economy in future education and the workplace.

We are proud of our accomplishments and are encouraged by our prospects for continued growth and success. Monroe is a great community and we need to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to meet and attain the expectations. We need to work positively together in the best interest of our students. The impact that we have is massive! Our students deserve a quality education and we have one opportunity to provide them that experience in their PK-12 educational years. The support, encouragement and trust in each other are essential as we work during some of the most challenging times in public education.

The foundation we have set has prepared us to take the next step toward becoming a District that sets ourselves apart from other Wisconsin Public Schools. This is a wonderful District in which to work, that is comprised of outstanding students, staff, and community. I am privileged and grateful to be in such a great community and District serving as Superintendent.

Cory Hirsbrunner