School District Performance Report (SDPR)

For more recent School Performance Report data, please visit the Department of Public Instruction's WINSS website by clicking here, and then click on "Data Analysis."

The Department of Public Instruction has now taken over the responsibility of putting together the School District Performance Report (SDPR).

To view the most recent SDPR for the School District of Monroe, please click here.

The WISEdash Public Portal is now live!

What is the WISEdash Public Portal?    WISEdash Public Portal is the companion to WISEdash for Districts (a secure portal). No student-level data is displayed. No WAMS id is required. Similar to WINSS, the WISEdash Public Portal contains only AGGREGATED and REDACTED school-level data. The following WINSS data topics are fully incorporated into WISEdash: ACT, AP, WSAS, Attendance, Enrollment. Remaining WINSS data topics will be migrated over time into WISEdash.