Substitute Call-In Procedures

If you need to call in for a substitute, please call the Substitute Call-In Number at 328-7236.

  • Please try and call by 6:15am when a substitute is needed
  • You may call the evening prior to an absence by calling before 8:30pm
  • DO NOT email requests on the day of an absence
  • Information to provide on the Voice Mail:
    • Your name
    • Your building assignment(s)
    • Your position (grade level/subject area)/any additional duties
    • Length of absence and hours you need covered if not a full day
    • Reason for absence
    • Substitute preference (if any)
    • Any other information the substitute may need to know; i.e., call you for lesson plans, etc.
*If you are leaving your message after 6:45am it will go unheard until 8:30am when the sub caller gets into the office; so you must call your building secretary to inform them of your absence.