Seven Monroe Teachers Receive Recognition from Colony Brands Foundation Program
Seven Monroe Teachers Receive Recognition from Colony Brands Foundation Program
Posted on 04/26/2017
Colony Brands Teachers

Monroe, Wisconsin - April 24, 2017 – A total of $20,000 in monetary awards was presented to seven teachers from the School District of Monroe who were recently honored through the Colony Brands Foundation Teacher Recognition Program.

This is the first year of the program, which was announced by the Foundation last November.  The goal of the program is to partner with the District to help retain and attract high-quality teachers.

The company committed to a 5-year pilot of the program and up to $20,000 in monetary awards for each year of the pilot.  The idea for the Teacher Recognition Program came about during ongoing discussions between the Foundation and the District over the course of a 4-year partnership involving a $400,000 Technology Initiative funded by the Foundation.

The Teacher Recognition Program recognizes that schools are a cornerstone of a strong community, and educators are pivotal in helping to inspire future community leaders.  Striving to improve, innovate, and create, relentlessly pursuing excellence and generously supporting our communities are among the values at Colony Brands and for their employees, and this program puts those values into action.

The program accepted nominations from the public and teachers could also apply directly for the award.   The application requested information on the teacher’s leadership characteristics, significant educational achievements in the area of student growth, and leadership and other roles both for the school district and community, among other things.

The Colony Brands Foundation is honored to announce the following recipients of the 2017 Colony Brands Foundation Teacher Recognition Awards:

John Ditter – Monroe High School - $5,000

Sarah Compton – Northside Elementary - $3,000

Lindsay Dahmen – Monroe Middle School - $3,000

Valerie Bryson – Monroe Middle School - $3,000

Sara Ackerman – Monroe Middle and High School - $2,000

Gail Murray – Monroe Middle School - $2,000

Michael Flanagan – Monroe Middle School - $2,000