Activities to Develop Hand Skills

-Shaking dice in the palm of one hand

-Sealing zip-lock baggies with thumb and index fingers

-Flipping pennies over with fingertips

-Putting clothes pins on a piece of cardboard

-Playdough activities using hands and fingers to stretch, squeeze and roll dough, push dough into play muffin tins or small containers, pull out small objects buried in dough, hide objects in dough

-Moving a small object (marbles, buttons, paper clips, pennies, etc) from palm of hand out to fingertips to place in container; increase difficulty by increasing number of items in palm while moving one out at a time

-Getting 2 or more coins out of a change purse, small box, or cloth bag one at a time and hanging onto them

-Twisting pipe cleaners into shapes, numbers, letters

-putting together/taking apart nuts and bolts

-Unscrewing jar lids

-Lacing or stringing beads

-Picking up objects with tongs, tweezers, or clothespins

-Wringing out wet washcloths or sponges

-Lite Brite

-Squirt toys/objects: turkey basters, lever squirt bottles, etc.

-Pinching bubble wrap

-Connecting toys: Legos, Popbeads, etc.

-Using a hole puncher

-Place large rubber band that fits comfortably over knuckles and work with thumb on the same hand to push it down and off hand

- Spinning small tops

-Putting paper clips on thin cardboard or paper


For additional information and activities, please see our Fine Motor Link