Payment Information

SKYWARD is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our District. This is a debit balance system where funds are placed in advance on the account and purchases are drawn against the balance. The program is not a credit card system. Students are issued a 4-digit pin number, which is assigned to them when they first enter the District. Our policy requires all student accounts must be active and current and have a positive balance in order to purchase lunch (for full and reduced priced meals), extra milk or a la carte item. There is no maximum amount that you can pre-pay.


LOW BALANCES: If a student’s account balance reaches a low balance a weekly email or computerized phone call will be sent out to the parents. A low balance is defined as an account balance with $15.00 or less. When the account reaches a negative $25.00 or below, the students will not be allowed to take part in the lunch program until payment has been made and a positive balance has been established. (If your family lunch accounts is a negative $25.00, the student will be offered a peanut butter sandwich, fruit or vegetable and milk for two days only, this will be PRE-DISCUSSED with the student in the office prior to lunch.) Parents should discuss meal and a la carte purchasing guidelines with their children on a regular basis to prevent unwelcome purchases. All positive balances and negative balances will be carried forward to the next school year.


PAYMENTS: For quick credit to the family account, make payments at your oldest child’s building office. Payments received at a building office by 10:00 AM will be reflected in the balance at the lunch lines on the same day. The school offices are open weekdays during the school term.  Visa or MasterCard can also be used to make payments for meals by phone or in person. A drop box for school meal deposits is located in the Public Library’s north, “staff entrance” door.  Due to state and federal guidelines, checks for school meals should be separate from school fees.


All payments are recommended to be sent in a sealed envelope with the students name clearly printed on the envelope. It is recommended to send checks only. If cash is sent, indicate on the outside of the envelope the amount enclosed. Please do not send coins. THE SCHOOL NUTRITION DEPARTMENT STRONGLY ENCOURAGES PREPAYMENT OF LUNCH ACCOUNTS. The system is designed to be a convenience for parents and for the Nutrition Services Department, so please use it as a debit system. Payments submitted in the check or credit card form are easy to trace.

If you have any questions concerning payments, please call 328-7260.

CHECK FAMILY BALANCES: Check family balances online through Skyward. You can log into Family Access through the school district’s webpage at Select Family Access on the left-hand side of the screen. Three choices will appear which cover Family Access training, Family Access training refresher and Family Access log-in screen. Make the appropriate choice that fits your needs. If you have any questions on checking family balances please call Cathy Timm at 328-7528.